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We do not write match testimonies but do edit out
private comments meant just for Marge and staff.
  Hi Marge,

Here are a couple of our wedding pics (April 2012) for your
trucker cupid wall.
Thank you for all of your prayers and love.
God is truly blessing our relationship!!!

Michael and Monica Klama
  Dan contacted me the first part of November 2010. We immediately
started talking on the phone. In fact, starting with the first phone
contact, we talked every day for at least 12 hours each day. He would
send me texts each morning, when he got up, telling me Good Morning.
A week later, he sent me a dozen roses. Dan was going to come to my
house for Thanksgiving, 2010, but got snowed in and couldn't make it.
So we started talking about him coming for Christmas. Once again things
happened and he wasn't going to make it. So we put our heads together &
came up with the idea of me getting on a bus and meeting him in MN.
He bought the ticket, I got on the bus December 15th and arrived in
St. Cloud on the 17th. There he was, standing there waiting for me. We
have been together, 24/7, in the truck, ever since. We celebrated 2
anniversaries in 2011 (1. November 16th when we first started talking, 2.
Dec 17th when we first met face to face). On December 20th, 2011, we signed
a lease on our first apartment together. One piece of advice to those on the
site. Don't give up hope or looking. I was on the site for a while before we
found each other. Dan had given up for a while, then took the chance to see if I
would be interested. I was about ready to give up myself, then
BAM! there he was. Darla formerly Member #2313

Thanks Pam & Dan for being our special guest on FreeWheelin in Nov 2011!

Just an update (we are already on your testimonials page):
We are still so happily completing each others lives &
fulfilling each others dreams, now 1 year later!

We have blended our families & still both feel very blessed to have
found each other.

Thank you again for such a good, clean, honest dating website!

Submitted 12/04/2011

I met my match! Things are going great and we are actually teaming now.
It feels great to be back on the road & with someone who loves me!
You guys are awesome!!

Nikki & David June 2011

Our TruckerCupid Wedding!

Cheryl was Member #2141 & Scott was #2604.

Update: MARRIED OCT 2011

Hey Marge,

I met Scott back in March 2010 on your service. We hit it off
and became engaged in May of 2011. We're planning a Catholic
wedding in York, PA. I plan to quit my driving job & team with
him as husband & wife!

This is a dream come true for me! I'm sooooooooo happy!!
We plan to drive off from the church in the Peterbilt. (and they did!)

Thank you so very much for TruckerCupid! Scott is my first (and last)
marriage. I'm 40 yrs old & so glad I waited
til the prefect guy came into my life! I love that we met
on TruckerCupid.com.

Love, Cheryl
June 5, 2011


Dear Marge, we would like to share our love story with you.....
Natalie Villeneuve (4158) & Carl Deaton Sr. (4055)

The quest for me started almost 2 yrs ago, which at one point, I took leave
due to a contract but returned Feb 14 (Valentine's Day)
I remember you said on your Sirius radio segment, "A lot of people are
coming back this week"...Well, am I very glad that I did!
As for Carl, he's been on TruckerCupid.com since Jan and he also renewed
his membership in Feb with a little pep talk from you I'm told.
You told him "to stick with it-there's someone out there for you". Carl sent
me a Wink in the beginning in March...and I have to admit
taken aback by a few personality traits but I was determined to not let it be
about the "outside" but what is on the "inside". And due to this
choice, it has changed my life forever!

You and your TruckerCupid.com have brought together another delightfully happy
couple! We know God will continue to help our routes cross
until we're ready to bring our relationship to the next level. Carl & I would like
you to suspend our memberships. I will definitely keep you updated
on the growth of our relationship. Thank you for making "us" happy!
Warm regards, Natalie & Carl



My boyfriend & I want to thank you. We are so deeply in love & we are
more amazed as every day goes by at what a blessing we
have received in finding each other.

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Thank you for TruckerCupid! We would never have met each other had it not been for
you creating this service! Mike & I have been together team driving
a while now and we are also a LOVE MATCH! since meeting each
other 3 years ago!
We are both ever so grateful! We're having a blast!
Nancy & Mike
April 04, 2011
  Marge, I attached a couple of photos of
#3819 (Chris Pitts) and #3532 (Jeni McLaughlin).

When we get better photos will send to you. Thanks again for
the opportunity for us to meet! We start teaming together this
coming Monday.

Jeni McLaughlin Feb 01. 2011
  Thanks so much for this website!!!! I became a member to just find someone to
talk to but found the perfect man instead!!!!

(Margaret, going to team w/ Carlton)
Marge I haven't been this happy in years!! Thank you!
(Carlton, going to team with Margaret)
April 20, 2011
    No Photo Testimonies
    MARRIED!  Photos coming soon of most recent marriages:
David (3224) and I are husband and wife. Thanks so much for this site. If it weren't for TruckerCupid, we would have never crossed paths. Have never been happier. He's Mo Anam Cara (my soul mate). We were married on 12/21/2010!
Karla #3414
    Testimonial: 09/10: Marge and crew, GREAT JOB! Just wanted to thank you for your dedication and hard work. Just over the past few days I can't believe how many hookers you ferreted out! A few questionable males too. Also, I am encouraged by the number of quality inquiries I have had from the men. I actually have narrowed the field down to 2 gentlemen who I have been conversing with. Will be meeting soon.... Keeping my fingers crossed for a lasting relationship. D. (female member)
    Good morning Ladies, sorry its taking so long to send more photos - trying to maintain connection signal while moving (and Deb's driving) is a challenge on the road. You might have to let me know if I get carried away with the number of pics, doubt I'll ever get tired of taking pictures of Deb - she's just as beautiful as she is amazing. Den Mom I'm pretty sure you won't get tired of her pics, just know that we're thinking about you and I'll send more pics as I can. Have a great day Cupid Team Ladies!

I'm am not sure where to begin. Tim has exceeded my expectations as a man. He is wonderfully made up of compassion, tenderness and strength. He is giving and thoughtful. He has a heart that knows no bounds. All my life I have searched for him! Together we are able to face the future with the knowledge of knowing the other will always come first. He captured my heart with his words of truth and honesty then with his laughter and soul. I laid all of myself in the open, good and bad only to be received with open arms. He makes me feel safe and protected but most of all he makes me believe I am special. Only I know it is through his love that makes me special. We will go forward through life growing and achieving our goals and unconditionally loving one another. Tim is the one God intended for me, there is no doubt in my mind! To everyone who is reading this, never give up on true love. It's out there, just not on our time table. Just believe!!!!!!! Extremely happy,
The other half of my Tim, Deb

I met a wonderful man on TruckerCupid.com! If it had not been for this service we might not have ever met. Our wedding date is July 27th. I couldn't be happier!!

I met a wonderful woman on this service and July 27th we are getting married. Still need friends but my heart is full. There are great people on this site if given a chance. I wish everyone the same luck that I have found.

I just wanted to thank Miss Marge and anyone who had a hand in this site. I have, with your help, met a wonderful woman. We talk every night and it seems like we are hitting it off wonderfully. I cant wait to meet her in person.
I want to thank you for your site!
Thanks again, Ed!

Hey Marge, thanks for starting this website. I think the premium membership fee is well worth it to meet someone. I like the fact that you screen people to keep out the predators. I have been talking to some men on here and they are very nice and polite. It is refreshing from other dating sites I have tried.
Thanks! Margery

Thanks Marge for this service!! I would not have met the great ladies I've met if it were not for TruckerCupid! I just ordered a membership window cling which should expedite the search!

I want to thank you for your site! I've met a wonderful woman through this service! I never could have found her without you guys. Trucker Cupid ROCKS!!
Thanks! Eldon

Never in my best dreams did I think I would find a Lady like Melissa. She's great. I feel on top of the world when I'm with her. How I wish that the other drivers that are out there can find someone that makes them feel like I feel now. I thank you so much for setting this site up because I know I would have never met Melissa otherwise. Thank you Marge for all of this.

Thanks for such a great site. I have, so far, met a lot of nice drivers who I would call friends. Again just wanted to say thanks and keep it up. Even though Brad and I live a few miles away from each other, I doubt we would ever have met without TruckerCupid.com!
Melissa (March 2007) Back to top

I just wanted to Thank you for your services. I think it is a wonderful service and keep up the good work.

Thank you for setting up this site. It REALLY is hard to meet people when we drive and is especially hard for women drivers. Keep up the good work and keep on truckin'.

Thanks again Marge for the help that you have given me and all the other drivers out there. You truly are an asset to this profession. Also thanks for all the hard work you and your staff has done in putting together Cupid. Keep up the good work. I look forward to hearing from you. Stay safe, blessed and warm,
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